Boston mayor wins byline from Globe columnist in bet

The Boston Globe

Readers looking for Shirley Leung's twice-weekly business column in The Boston Globe this morning will see an unfamiliar face: Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.

According to a note above the column, Leung lost one byline to Walsh when she made a bet that he wouldn't fill a municipal vacancy before a new governor took office. He did:

Last year I made a bet with the good mayor of Boston, and he’s now collecting his prize. He was so slow at installing a permanent director of the Boston Redevelopment Authority that I bet he couldn’t find one before Charlie Baker was sworn in as governor. I lost.

Elsewhere in the note, Leung pokes fun at the mayor, calling him "a wannabe writer" and notes that he was "just as tardy turning in this column" as he was appointing a new director.

Walsh used his Globe byline to promote "Cities of Opportunity," a task force made up of mayors from across the country that aims to address income inequality.

Don't look for Walsh to be a regular columnist at The Globe. Even though he was late turning in his column, Leung says she "wasn’t about to make another bet with him."

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