BuzzFeed creates novel Facebook app for nostalgia

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Social-savvy news site BuzzFeed is creating a new kind of Facebook app to go along with some of its articles. The so-called "nostalgic app" pairs with a post like “What Was Your First Computer?" and lets readers add a note to their Facebook Timelines (a personal chronology) about when they first got a computer -- and how amazingly old it looks now. (If you try this out, know that Facebook is working to fix a bug currently preventing these posts from displaying, BuzzFeed Managing Editor Scott Lamb told me.) || Related: Why this app resonates: People share content because of what it says about them (Poynter) | BuzzFeed's latest hire: "Online curiosity collector" Katie Notopoulos (Gawker) || Earlier: Why news orgs should pay close attention to what BuzzFeed does (Poynter).

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