California media look into the case of some creepy dolls

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On Thursday, a story caught the attention of the media in California. Many reported that some dolls were left on the door steps of families in San Clemente. The reports said that the dolls kind of looked like the little girls who lived there.

Here's a link to the story from KTLA 5. It's on autoplay.

The news spread.

KCAL9 reported that Brittney Hopper interviewed one of the moms about the abandoned toys.

"We’re very unsettled and obviously taking this very seriously as it concerns our daughters and little girls,” said the mom who didn’t want her face to appear on camera.

When she first received the doll, she told Hopper, she thought it was a prank until she heard some neighbors also got them.

Penny Arévalo reported on it for San Clemente Patch.

Adolfo Flores wrote about it for the Los Angeles Times carried the story, too.

But the whole thing turned out not to be a thing at all. Here's what KTLA 5's Melissa Pamer, Courtney Friel and Nerissa Knight reported:

The porcelain dolls left at the homes of eight families in San Clemente and resembling young girls who live there were left in a gesture of “goodwill,” the Orange County Sheriff’s Department stated in a tweet Thursday night.

Cliff Judy, with Newsy, reported on that person extending that goodwill and how the media covered it.

For what it's worth, a woman on KCAL9's Facebook page totally called this outcome on Thursday in the original thread.

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