Can you spot the fake Slate Explainer question?


Is it....

A. How did dishware get to be the reward for sports dominance?

B. Has anyone ever taken a drink out of the world cup? or

C. Would your dog eat your dead body?

(The answer is B)

The Slate_Explainer twitter feed -- not authorized by David Plotz & Co. -- is described by its founder as a place for all the questions Slate doesn't get to publish. ("If they need more room, why don't they just make the debt ceiling a dome?") I sent an email to the "fake Explainer" and asked if he'd out himself and explain why he started the feed. His response:

My name is Etan Bednarsh (@ebednarsh) I am a comedian in New York City and I have also written for the Huffington Post and Mediaite.

I started this because I am an avid news and media follower. At the same time, I am somewhat obsessed with the idea of people who just completely miss the point of things. I think the Slate Explainer piece that put me over the edge recently was "Why Does Dominique Strauss-Kahn Have White Hair and Black Eyebrows?" Someone out there took all the complexities of that story and funneled it down into that question.

Haven't heard yet from the actual Slate Explainers. I can only hope one of my ridiculous suggestions eventually matches up with one of their articles.

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