Cartoonist Susie Cagle released from jail after 14 hours following Occupy Oakland arrest

Fishbowl LA

Susie Cagle was released from jail at around 7:30 p.m. ET Thursday, 14 hours after being taken into custody. Friends and family members blogged and tweeted following her arrest overnight at an Occupy Oakland protest. Cagle had been drawing an illustrated history of the protest for the Oakland Local website, funded through Her father -- cartoonist Daryl Cagle -- provided updates on his daughter’s status at his website, and Susie Cagle’s partner maintained her Twitter stream while Cagle was held at the Santa Rita Jail. Cagle tweeted Thursday night that she was being charged with a misdemeanor and will be arraigned in about a month. The delay, she said, "seems like [a] scare tactic to make me stop reporting." ||  Related: Bay Citizen editor recalls being hit with a tear gas canister while covering a protest: “I looked down and my hand was black, my four fingers covered in toxic chemicals.”


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