Casey Anthony the most searched story of 2011

Bing (via Mashable) | Project for Excellence in Journalism

Bing has released rankings of its most searched terms this year, and crime and terrorism top the list of news stories, followed by weather and celebrity. The top 10 list:

  1. Casey Anthony Trial
  2. Osama bin Laden Death
  3. Hurricane Irene
  4. Japan Earthquake/Tsunami
  5. Amy Winehouse Death
  6. Joplin Tornado
  7. Michael Jackson trial/Conrad Murray
  8. 9/11 10 Year Anniversary
  9. Republican Candidates - Herman Cain, Rick Perry
  10. Haiti anniversary

Tracking done by the Project for Excellence in Journalism shows that Anthony was the top newsmaker -- and her trial among the top stories -- for at least three weeks this summer. It was also the most covered trial since PEJ started tracking news in 2007.

The bin Laden death was the biggest story overall since PEJ started tracking. Prior to his death, bin Laden had made little news since he released two videos in 2007, tied to the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. The 10th anniversary of those attacks was among the top stories of 2011.

Four of the top 10 stories focused on weather and the disasters they triggered. At the time of Hurricane Irene, I concluded the coverage was appropriate, though others believed it was hype. The majority of coverage about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan was about nuclear dangers, reports PEJ.

The GOP primary also made the list. Though coverage of it got off to a slow start, media attention has increased, especially to Cain, Perry and frontrunner Mitt Romney.


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