Chat Replay: How Do I Find New & Interesting Story Ideas?

Do you find yourself getting writing assignments from your boss while all the other writers get to do their own thing? Are you the one who gets stuck with the routine stories about the first day of spring, high school graduation and the changes in the new phone book, while your peers are encouraged to do enterprise? Has your beat beaten you down? Is that what's bothering you, Bunky?

Then it's time to move from the land of totally dry to the brave new world of all juiced up. The most productive writers are the ones who find their own stories, or who can take a drab assignment and inject life into it by "making it your own," as they say on "American Idol."

To become a great story idea explorer you need two things: a toolbox with about a dozen specific and reliable strategies for finding stories, and a new set of glasses that help you over time to see the world as a storehouse of story ideas.

During the chat, I will answered your writing questions and shared your suggestions.

Below you will find a replay of the conversation. You can also sign up for reminders about our future biweekly writing chats.

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    Roy Peter Clark

    Roy Peter Clark has taught writing at Poynter to students of all ages since 1979. He has served the Institute as its first full-time faculty member, dean, vice-president, and senior scholar.


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