CNN, National Geographic, Vice among Snapchat publishers

Snapchat Discover, a platform that allows publishers to send video using the popular messaging service, is now live. In advance of Tuesday's reveal, reports listed several news organizations as possible users of the service, including CNN, ESPN and Vice.

With today's launch, we got a peek at some of the other publishers who will use the platform via Snapchat's YouTube channel. They are:

  • National Geographic
  • Vice
  • Yahoo News
  • People
  • Cosmopolitan
  • CNN
  • ESPN

Here's the video announcing the launch:

CNN plans to offer a new edition on Discover every 24 hours with "five or more global news stories," according to a company announcement.

Each story will be headlined by a top Snap – a ten-second video or animated teaser. Users can swipe up for more in-depth reporting or swipe left to the next story. When a user completes an edition, channel colors invert. CNN’s logo will return to full color when new content becomes available.

ESPN will also publish a daily edition with 5-10 stories per day, with content from SportsCenter, according to a company spokesperson. The first edition includes highlights, ranking features and a 160-second summary of the NFL season.

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