CNN told it can stay after Venezuela orders it out of country

CNN | Reuters

CNN has been told it can remain in Venezuela just a day after it was ordered to leave the country where it has been covering ongoing anti-government protests, the network reported Friday night.

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro said he would expel CNN if reporters did not "rectify" their coverage of the demonstrations. Officials then revoked or denied press credentials for CNN reporters. But during a live news conference, Maduro countermanded his own order and said CNN could stay.

CNN reported:

It was a bizarre end to the news conference that saw Maduro call out CNN, Fox News and other U.S.-based media, claiming they encouraged opposition forces against the government.

The protests against the government have claimed a reported eight deaths, according to CNN. Reuters reported Saturday that jailed Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez urged supporters to demonstrate peacefully but not to give up.


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