CNN's Arwa Damon wins Courage in Journalism Award: 'She believes in being there'

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The International Women's Media Foundation gave Arwa Damon the 2014 Courage in Journalism Award, IWMF reported on its site. Damon, a reporter for CNN, "has traveled across the Arab world for over a decade, reporting extensively on the on-going conflicts in some of the most war-ravaged zones, and in 2012 covered the civil war in Syria."

“I think I ended up being the accidental war correspondent,” she says. “I didn’t set out to have that be a focal point of my career. I most certainly am not an adrenaline junkie, but what really keeps me going out there every single day is those human stories.”


Myanmar's first private journalism school in more than 50 years started up this month, Nadine Wojcik reported in DW Akademie on Thursday. According to the story, censorship was abolished in 2013.

It's a milestone for Myanmar's media sector: on May 4, 2014, just a day after celebrations for the World Press Freedom Day, the Myanmar Journalism Institute (MJI) was launched. It is the country's first private journalism school in more than 50 years.

New Zealand

From The New Zealand Herald, in Auckland, New Zealand, (courtesy Newseum.) At least he's not twerking.


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