Copy editors reward headlines that make you read between the lines

American Copy Editors Society

The award-winning headlines announced at the ACES convention make you think twice:

  • "What goes online, stays online," Jason Bennett, The University Daily Kansan (Story about students' use of social media)
  • "Spells like team spirit," Becca Clemons, Kentucky Kernel (Story about graffiti related to an upcoming basketball game)
  • "For couples in close quarters, squeeze-y does it," Rick Schindler,
  • "At age 102, this therapist is still psyched," Rick Schindler,
  • "Turtles slow things to a crawl at JFK airport in New York," Lion Calandra,
  • "Workers hold their breath, but employers worry they'll take a hit," James Tehrani, Workforce Management (Story about medical marijuana)
  • "The yawning of a new era," James Tehrani, Workforce Management (Story about worker stress and fatigue)
  • "Bridge over tribal water?" Damen Clow, Scripps Central Desk (Story about controversial bridge)
  • "Atlantic City's safe bet: Sex," Tom Meares, The Journal Gazette (Story about casinos' attempt to get more customers)
  • "Desperation is the only thing growing," Michael Roehrman, The Wichita Eagle (Story about local drought)
  • "Maybe he should have gone with a driver," Rich Mills, Omaha World-Herald (Story about a disoriented lawyer, well-known for representing DUI defendants, who broke into a golf pro shop)
  • "On the roadside, it's catch as kitsch can," Rich Mills, Omaha World-Herald (Story about quirky roadside attractions)
  • "Twilight for a NASA star," Peter Donahue, Providence Journal (about the last shuttle flight)
  • "For chronic truants, advanced placement," David Bowman, Los Angeles Times (about using GPS devices to keep students in class)
  • "Facing the loss of a stamping ground," David Bowman, Los Angeles Times (about post-office closures)
  • "Ssssearch is over: Missing Bronx Zoo cobra found,"

The complete list of winners and winning headlines is at

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  • Steve Myers

    Steve Myers was the managing editor of until August 2012, when he became the deputy managing editor and senior staff writer for The Lens, a nonprofit investigative news site in New Orleans.


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