Cory Haik named WaPo's executive director of emerging news products

The Washington Post

Cory Haik, the brains behind The Washington Post's skunkworks devoted to technological experimentation, has been named executive director of emerging news products there.

Haik, currently an executive producer and senior editor of news at The Washington Post, leads the news team behind Project Rainbow, The Washington Post's effort to develop and maintain its Kindle Fire app. That initiative has come to fruition since Amazon founder Jeff Bezos bought the Post, bringing with him an emphasis on technological experimentation and expansion.

According to a memo from Post Executive Editor Martin Baron, Haik's new role sees her working across the newsroom to develop products "that aim to expand our audience beyond traditional boundaries." Specifically, she will collaborate with the newspaper's engineering, business, research and advertising divisions in addition to its top newsroom leaders. She reports directly to Baron.

Baron's memo extolls a few of the projects Haik and her team have tackled, including the Kindle Fire app and its The Post's Apple Watch offerings:

As you know, Cory has led the news team that developed the “Rainbow” app, first for Amazon’s Kindle Fire and most recently for iOS and Android devices of all types. Her team also developed an app for the Apple watch, worked to get our journalism smartly displayed on Flipboard, and drafted pending proposals that would distribute Rainbow-designed Post journalism on other important platforms.

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