Cover this Service Club Project: the Recession

Reading Poynter colleague Al Tompkins' post about high demand at food banks made me think: How are school service clubs responding to the financial crisis in their communities?

Have food drives replaced trash pick-up days? Are clubs that might have raised awareness of global warming focused instead on helping teens find seasonal jobs to help their families pay the bills?

If they aren't, should they? Could they?

Have you ever reported on the good works that your school service clubs do? What causes did they support last year? Five years ago? What are the priorities this year?

Consider an alternative way to tell this story, using a "charticle" to compare the work of several service clubs. Could you create a map that showed students where local community service groups are located, what service clubs are doing for them and that lists their needs?

If you do, email me a link. I'd love to see it.

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    Wendy Wallace

    Wendy Wallace leads Poynter's marketing and development team as Director of Advancement. She works closely with foundations, corporations and individuals who support Poynter's teaching and other work.


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