The Daily, Apple score with Super Bowl commercials

Both Apple and The Daily did well in Sunday night's Super Bowl, despite the fact that neither paid for a $3 million dollar commercial spot during the game.

According to Staci Kramer at paidContent, The Daily, which did show up during Fox's halftime show, was given a promotional spot, owned by the network to air its ad.

The Daily's halftime ad featured the publication's news content displayed on enormous iPads located at landmarks around the country:

Apple, on the other hand, managed to figure prominently in several commercials. Verizon featured Apple's iPhone 4 and took aim at AT&T:

AT&T responded, touting its iPhone's ability to surf the Web and talk at the same time:

Motorola avoided mentioning Apple by name, instead it promoted its new Xoom tablet in an ad reminiscent of Apple's 1984 Super Bowl commercial:

Here is Apple's original "1984" ad from Super Bowl XVIII:

Sony also got in on the action with a spot for its new Ericsson Experia Play Android phone:


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