Daily Beast and Howard Kurtz have 'parted company'

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A day after media reporter Howard Kurtz botched a swipe at Sports Illustrated's Jason Collins scoop, he and The Daily Beast "have parted company," Beast honcho Tina Brown said in a statement to Politico's Dylan Byers.

Thursday The Daily Beast retracted the post:

The piece contained several errors, resulting in a misleading characterization of NBA player Collins and the story he co-wrote in Sports Illustrated in which he came out as gay.

"Maybe it's easier to write a lot of media criticism if you don't read the media you're criticizing," Tom Scocca wrote on Gawker.

On Wednesday, Huffington Post media reporter Michael Calderone wrote about Kurtz's relationship with the site Daily Download, where "he increasingly posts his takes on the state of media affairs," Calderone wrote. Kurtz is on the site's advisory board.

"I'm a contributor at Daily Download and receive some freelance compensation, but the advisory board is an unpaid honorary position with no oversight,” Kurtz told Calderone. "I work a zillion hours a week" he said when asked about colleagues who questioned his involvement with the other site.

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