‘The Daily’ delayed as Apple works on subscription tools

All Things Digital
Peter Kafka reports that next week's expected launch of The Daily iPad newspaper has been delayed "weeks, not months" as Apple completes work on an iTunes subscription service.

Earlier reports of a Jan. 19 announcement in San Francisco had Apple CEO Steve Jobs and News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch appearing on stage together to unveil The Daily.

Kafka writes that the delay is not due to an issue with The Daily's app, but with the subscription tools Apple will debut to support it:

"As I noted last month, the Daily was supposed 'to use a new "push" subscription feature from Apple,' where iTunes automatically bills customers on a weekly or monthly basis, and a new edition shows up on customers’ iPads every morning."

In the meantime, you can see what I found when I peeked at the source code of The Daily's placeholder website.


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