Daily Mail says blogger's photos were republished in error, offers to pay for them

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A blogger who complained about the U.K.'s Daily Mail republishing her photos of a too-skinny mannequin at The Gap now says she's negotiating on a fee. Alice Taylor updated her blog to say that a photo editor called and told her the photos were published in error. He then offered to pay what Taylor originally asked, £250.

I replied absolutely not, I'm not willing to go back to that since the current offer (offer, mind) was £1000 per photo [donated to charities] ... He agreed to that fee immediately, and I said, let's take this back to email.

Nothing has been settled yet, however, and Taylor writes that she thinks the Daily Mail should pay a daily fee for the pictures.

Meanwhile, Howard Owens claims that in June the Daily Mail used, without permission, two photos of Suzanne Corona, which he published on The Batavian after she was arrested for adultery. He wrote in a comment on Poynter.org:

The editors did not ask permission and I got no compensation. They ignored my e-mails and I couldn't get through on the phone. I couldn't afford an attorney to deal with it. They owe me at least $1K per photo, especially considering how high in search the story still appears for "Suzanne Corona."

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