David Pogue leaves NYT to start tech site at Yahoo

David Pogue broke his own news on his Tumblr this morning: "It’s true: After 13 years at the New York Times, I’ve accepted a new job."

That new job is working with Yahoo, he writes, who "invited me to help build a new consumer-tech site. Actually, 'site' doesn’t even cover it. I’ll be writing columns and blog posts each week, of course, and making my goofy videos. But my team and I have much bigger plans, too, for all kinds of online and real-world creations."

On Yahoo's Tumblr, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer also shared the news of Pogue's hire, writing "Yahoo is in a unique position to bring to life great editorial about the technology consumers are using every day."

Pogue, a technology columnist for The New York Times, has had a huge following with his work, but he has also gotten his hand slapped a few times in the last few years. In 2009, his positive reviews of Apple's Snow Leopard brought about questions from Times Public Editor Clark Hoyt, who noted that Pogue was also writing a book about Snow Leopard. In 2011, the Times barred him from making presentations to the public relations industry. Pogue explained his own stance in this piece on ethics and disclosure.

On his Tumblr, Pogue writes about what drew him to Yahoo, specifically the "try stuff" atmosphere at the underdog company.

"People can really make a difference there. Yahoo is getting 12,000 résumés a week from would-be employees. Clearly, underdog status can be an incredibly motivating force. And for people who like to create cool new stuff — I’m among them — working to build the new Yahoo is a very attractive proposition."


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