Dealing with negative Facebook comments? Respond nicely.


Kim Wilson proposes three primary rules for dealing with negative comments on Facebook wall posts:

"Respond, respond, respond."

Of course, not all social media commenters are created equally, and she does detail a fine line between ignoring them, responding minimally and engaging fully.

The commenter types she documents -- haters, know-it-alls, potty-mouths, uninvited guests and spammers -- all require slightly different approaches, but for the most part some response is typically recommended.

Wilson, who shares real-life examples from several local TV stations, says haters do not expect you to engage. She advises that if/when you do respond to them you should "be careful to stay positive and professional in your response; otherwise you’ll just add fuel to the fire."

Creating a Facebook page sets a clear expectation that you plan to engage with your audience. Meeting that expectation, or surpassing it, requires bringing transparency and consistency to the process. Wilson's pointers are a great step in that direction.


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