Des Moines Marriott a ‘Star Wars’ bar scene for journalists covering Iowa Caucus

Everyone knows the media love a horse race, so it's no surprise journalists covering the Iowa Caucus have gathered at the starting gate in the derby for the White House. A conspiracy theorist might enjoy how they all end up at the same Des Moines bar.

Some journalists are venturing out of the hotel bar. Politico's Mike Allen shares a photo of the media following Mitt Romney Sunday to an Iowa diner where "the aisles were so clogged with craning journos that the servers gave up delivering food." Allen spots Abramson in the crowd (perhaps that was how she contributed reporting to this story), along with writers for the Boston Globe, Washington Post and NPR. If you're wondering how political reporters packed for the trip, the Times has that covered. ||  Update: Journalists leave Marriott bar to see Ron Paul … one flight up from Marriott Bar (Vanity Fair) || Related: Top 5 electoral outcomes journalists are secretly rooting for (New Yorker) | An annotated field guide to the Campaign 2012 press corps (Capital)


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