Describing social media history with infographics

Mashable | | Skloog Infographic

This must be the season for social media history infographics. Here are two that have appeared recently.

First, Mashable's Jolie O'Dell shares a history infographic from

She writes:

Here’s a visually organized look at the past 30 years or so of social
media history, from Usenet to AIM to Friendster and beyond. This
particular infographic comes with some fun facts; for example, did you
know that the first version of MySpace was coded in just 10 days?

The History of Social Networking

And at the end of last year Skloog infographics posted a chart that traced social media and networks back to 550 BC.

History of Social Media

(Click for larger image)

It is great to see these two projects describe the history of social media and online communication in such creative ways.


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