Dirty Politics: View live stream of Poynter Kent State ethics workshop

Poynter's eighth annual ethics workshop with Kent State University begins at 9:15 a.m. This year's theme is "dirty politics." Speakers include:

  • 9:15: Poynter's Kelly McBride and Ellyn Angelotti
  • 10: PolitiFact's Bill Adair is part of a panel on "The role of a responsible press"
  • 11:10: “Why Can’t We All Get Along?” Civility & Social Media in Politics
  • 12:15: Best practices
  • 12:45: Lunchtime keynote with columnist Connie Schultz
  • 1:45: Gender and politics
  • 3:15: Political advertising & campaign communication
  • 4:30: Closing session

Watch the live stream below (actual times may vary).


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