The Duchess of Cambridge is going to be an editor for a day. Any advice for her?

Duchess Kate of Cambridge will guest edit Huffington Post UK for a day, Maria Puente reported Friday for USA TODAY.

'The Duchess will use the opportunity to highlight the inspiring work being done by parents, teachers, researchers, and mental health professionals around the country,' the palace statement said.

The cooler part of this deal may come for HuffPost UK journalists. Robert Jobson reported for Evening Standard that they'll get to take a field trip.

The Duchess will invite journalists from the HuffPost UK online newspaper into Kensington Palace in mid-February.

She will commission articles from experts, parents and youngsters to highlight the importance of mental health issues.

While it sounds like the duchess has her editorial plan in place, what advice would you give her before her palace/newsroom debut? Tweet, email them or leave your thoughts in the comments and I'll include below.


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