DVorkin: Forbes.com is more than a news site, it's a 'social media operating system'


Don't call Forbes.com just another news website, writes Chief Product Officer Lewis DVorkin. It is "a full-fledged platform" for 1,000 expert contributors and Forbes staff alike, and "a social media operating system" to engage 30 million monthly unique visitors. Among the soon-coming social features to power that "operating system":

  • Device-optimized home pages "for desktop, mobile and tablet users that integrate key social elements."
  • The Follow Bar, "a new navigational feature... It will make it easier for our growing audience to follow and find all our staffers and subject experts."
  • Anointing superusers: “Our goal is to measure desired user behaviors — the number of times you visit, the number of staffers and contributors you follow, and much more. Those who score high will have different kinds of rights and privileges.”

Earlier: Forbes contributor makes "OK money working part-time" (Poynter)

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