Editor: 'It is, without doubt, different and much harder for women at the top'

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Amanda Wilson, the former editor of the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald (and the only woman to lead that newspaper,) wrote a column Sunday for The Guardian about Jill Abramson and the challenges of leading a newspaper not just as a woman, but as a leader in a quickly changing landscape.

...But I have a pretty good idea of the difficulties she faced as a newly minted female leader of a news organisation – and the first female editor at that. It is, without doubt, different and much harder for women at the top.

Taking on the job of being a “first woman” means creating from scratch a leadership style that is as effective as that of the men who have gone before – but more so. Perhaps akin to Ginger Rogers’ famous line about doing everything Fred Astaire did but backwards and in heels.


Three journalists were shot at while covering student protests in Venezuela, Reporters Without Borders reported on Friday.

Mildred Manrique of the Diario 2001 newspaper, freelancer Gabriela González and Johana Álvarez, a reporter for the Mexico’s Cadena 3 TV channel, were insulted and then fired on. González’s mobile phone in her pocket deflected the shot that would have hit her leg. Manrique was hit in the foot.

Supported by organizations that defend journalists, including the National Association of Journalists and the Venezuelan Journalists Union, the three journalists filed a complaint with the prosecutor general.

This was the fourth time Manrique has been threatened or attacked in the past three months.


Conchita Wurst, the drag queen who won the Eurovision Song Contest, continues making the front page in Austrian newspapers. She has used her success to highlight the need for equality and acceptance. She's pictured here (courtesy Newseum) on the front of Heute from Vienna, Austria.


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