Esquire launches new iPad app

Lauren Indvik reviews the new Esquire app for the iPad and reports it is, "truly ahead of its peers in the magazine industry." Indvik writes that the $4.99 app is built using HTML5, and is entirely reformatted and enhanced from the print edition for browsing on a touchscreen tablet.

"Interactive elements enable each page to come alive in a new way. Photography in the magazine's style section can be rotated 360 degrees to examine subjects and objects from multiple angles. Answers to quizzes are automatically calculated to determine your score. Photos and highlighted words can be tapped to pull up visual and textual footnotes. What appear to be still photos and illustrations inspire surprise by transmuting into video and animation, respectively. And because the app is formatted in HTML5, all text can be highlighted for easy copying and pasting."

Esquire editor David Granger sounds an apparently skeptical note about iPad magazines in general in his opening letter to the new edition. "So we've made an Esquire for the iPad. Yawn. I mean, who hasn't. I mean, about time. I mean, what took so long?" he writes. Granger continues his tongue-in-cheek tone saying, "So, anyway. Here's our first version. I think it's pretty good. It's certainly not annoying."
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