Evening news anchors have thousands of Twitter followers, but they don't tweet

Diane Sawyer has never before tweeted from her account, but that's about to change. On Sunday, the "ABC World News" anchor -- who has a little over 1,000 Twitter followers -- will live tweet while her interview with Jaycee Dugard airs and will respond to comments at the hashtag #JayceeABC.

Each of the three evening news anchors has a Twitter account, but none has used them. Brian Williams -- who has nearly 38,000 followers -- has never tweeted. Scott Pelley, who has about 1,800 followers, tweeted just once to say he was honored to become anchor and managing editor of "CBS Evening News." Former anchor Katie Couric often tweets several times a day. || Related: Harry Smith leaving CBS News for NBC

  • Mallary Jean Tenore

    As managing editor of The Poynter Institute’s website, Poynter.org, I report on the media news industry, edit the site’s How To section, and moderate the site's live chats. I also help handle the site's social media efforts, and teach social media sessions on the side.


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