Ex-Sacramento Bee sports editor launches sports opinion site

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Bill Bradley, who was laid off from the Sacramento Bee in October, says the mission of 27x7com is to fill the sports-opinion void in the Sacramento market. He'll write multiple columns each day that focus on issues of interest to Sacramento sports fans, says his release.

Press release

New Sports Opinion Site Debuts With Focus for Sacramento Fans

www.27x7.com launches with high-frequency/high-octane takes by former Sacramento Bee Sports Editor

SACRAMENTO, Calif.— A new website focused on sports opinion and aimed at the Sacramento market debuted today.

The site, www.27x7.com, was created by former Sacramento Bee Sports Editor Bill Bradley. The mission of the site is to fill the sports-opinion void in the Sacramento market – and beyond. Bradley, who also is the site’s Publisher, will write multiple columns each day that focus on issues that are of interest to Sacramento sports fans.

The topics will range from the NBA to the NFL, from Major League Baseball to Northern California’s college sports. The core teams Bradley will focus on will be the Kings, Warriors, 49ers, Raiders, Giants, A’s, Sharks, Sac State football and basketball, UC Davis football and basketball, Cal football and basketball, and Stanford football and basketball.

Bradley hopes to make Sacramento the first of 27 different U.S. markets with sports opinions 7 days a week – hence the URL 27x7.com. He plans to solicit experienced journalists in 26 other markets in the coming months.

“This is an exciting venture that I have been thinking about for a few years,” said Bradley, who has worked in nine different sports markets during his 30 years in sports media. “I plan to use my wide-ranging sports knowledge to help interpret the news of the day for Sacramento sports fans. I hope to have some fun with the columns and interact often with our readers.”

The site will emphasize easy-to-read short opinion stories. The short columns are also targeted for mobile devices.

Readers can follow 27x7 by visiting the Facebook page (http://on.fb.me/emsOY3) or the Twitter feed (www.twitter.com/27x7).

Bradley has previously worked in the markets of Bellingham, Wash.; Lubbock, Texas; Houston, Texas; Hartford, Conn.; Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Nashville, Tenn.; and, most recently, Sacramento, Calif. His experience includes serving as Sports Editor in Sacramento and Nashville; NFL/NHL editor in Phoenix and Minneapolis/St. Paul; Astros and Oilers beat writer in Houston area; and Texas Tech basketball beat writer in Lubbock. He has been in charge of coverage at four Super Bowls, three NBA All-Star Games, two World Series and two Stanley Cup Finals among other major events.

About 27x7.com

27×7.com is the brainchild of Bill Bradley. It was started because there was a lack of sports opinion in the Sacramento area. In the same way Bradley wrote “Leading Off” for The Sacramento Bee, this site will offer quick, concise sports opinions, but multiple times a day. In addition, there will be some timeless stories that have offer deeper opinion, nostalgia or our favorite things about sports.

The 27x7.com Mission

The name “27×7.com” comes from our mission to give you sports opinion 7 days a week with plans to be in 27 major U.S. sports markets in the upcoming years. These takes will be to read on the go or at home. The writers will be seasoned sports journalists who have a passion for major sports within their community.

We are starting with the Sacramento market, with a focus on the Kings, 49ers, Raiders, Giants, A’s, River Cats, Sharks and area colleges.

About the Publisher

Bill Bradley has been a sports writer and editor for 30 years. He started as a writer covering college sports in Arizona, then preps in Washington and later Houston pro sports. Most recently, he is the former Sports Editor of The Sacramento Bee and Nashville Tennessean. He has worked in Arizona, Washington, Texas, Connecticut, Minnesota, Tennessee and California – in other words he has seen the sports corners of the country.

Bradley lives in Sacramento with his incredibly smart, funny and beautiful wife and stepdaughter. He also tries to keep up with his unpredictable teenage daughters in Albuquerque, N.M. He has visited – or at least driven past – more than half of the arenas and stadiums in the United States. When he’s not blogging, you can find him cycling in a metric-century ride, trying to break 100 on the golf course or breaking new scoring records on Madden video games.

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