Facebook to announce location plans Wednesday

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Facebook is expected to reveal details of its new location services features during a press event Wednesday in Silicon Valley. Whatever the offering, with 500 million members globally, Facebook's efforts in this arena could push geo-targeted social networking well into the mainstream of popular culture.

Kara Swisher reports that the social networking company is likely to announce the availability of developer's tools that will let users integrate third-party geo-location services into their Facebook social networking experience. That could be good news for companies like Foursquare that were once a target for acquisition by Facebook but that may now benefit from easier access to Facebook's enormous user base.

For content publishers, Facebook's entry into the geo-location signals a validation of the technology and a potential turning point for traditional media companies. It is likely that if any one company gains traction among Facebook's membership, it would crowd out other smaller startup efforts. Facebook and Gowalla are both aggressively pursuing media partnerships to grow visibility and audience.

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