Facebook video audience shrinks after earlier surge


The number of people watching Facebook videos has fallen sharply in the last couple months, according to the latest comScore estimates.

Google, thanks to YouTube, remains far ahead in the No. 1 slot with 150 million viewers in September. Everyone else is in a race for distant second.

Facebook had vaulted into that second spot in July at a peak of 53 million viewers. But in September it slipped back down to 5th place with just 46.4 million viewers, behind Yahoo, AOL and VEVO.

Facebook faces an even worse trend in the average number of minutes each viewer spends watching its videos each month. That figure is down to 13.6 minutes, after being consistently above 20 minutes through July.

Both the charts below omit the Google/YouTube trend line, which at 150 million viewers and 419 minutes-per-viewer is so much greater it is difficult to chart effectively on the same scale as the others.

comScore's monthly reports for 2012 show Facebook losing its earlier gains in video audience to competitors like Yahoo, VEVO and AOL (not shown). Facebook viewers are also watching fewer minutes per month.
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