Fake Bloomberg story has Twitter mulling $31 billion takeover offer, hikes share price

It was total baloney, even if somebody probably made money off the baloney.

There was an Internet kerfuffle Tuesday with what purported to be a Bloomberg News story about Twitter mulling a big purchase offer.

It looked like a Bloomberg tale (though some cognoscenti did instantly discern some stylistic mistakes) but quickly inspired a formal, real Bloomberg tweet that it was a fake.

The response came from Bloomberg spokesman Ty Trippet and didn’t need 140 characters:

But the piece flew about the Internet and briefly caused a spike in Twitter shares. So somebody presumably made some money -- perhaps even a lot -- off the fabrication.

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    New York City native, graduate of Collegiate School, Amherst College and Roosevelt University. Married to Cornelia Grumman, dad of Blair and Eliot. National columnist, U.S. News & World Report. Former chief media writer, The Poynter Institute.


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