Felix Dennis dies, Nate Silver vs. The Upshot, Oxford comma debate returns

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  1. Egypt convicts, sentences Al Jazeera journalists: Peter Greste, Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Baher Mohamed were "conspiring to broadcast false news in order to destabilize Egypt." (NYT) || "To have sentenced them defies logic, sense, and any semblance of justice." (Al Jazeera) || Prosecutors' evidence included "videos of trotting horses from Sky News Arabia, a song by the Australian singer Gotye, and a BBC documentary from Somalia." (The Guardian)
  2. Felix Dennis is dead: "After a long and painful battle with cancer, Felix died peacefully at his home in Dorsington, aged 67." (The Week) || Dennis founded magazines including Maxim and The Week || Dennis last June: "I've lived an unbelievable life." (The Observer)
  3. Yahoo News hires Michael Isikoff: "Digital is the future of the news business,” he says. (NYT) || Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer hopes the company's digital magazines "will bring back some of Yahoo’s old mojo, attracting readers who will stay on the site longer and offering new ways for advertisers to make an impact." (NYT)
  4. Reuters got hacked via Taboola: "It is still unclear how Taboola was compromised but given SEA’s track record, phishing would be my first guess," Frederic Jacobs writes. (Medium)
  5. Great moments in anonymous sourcing: "Multiple Obama campaign advisers — who spoke only on the condition of anonymity to avoid alienating the Clintons — said they fear Clinton’s financial status could hurt her as it did Republican nominee Mitt Romney, whom Obama portrayed in 2012 as an out-of-touch plutocrat at a time of economic uncertainty." (The Washington Post. Italics mine; hat tip J.K. Trotter.)
  6. Nate Silver takes shots at the Upshot: After the New York Times' data-y startup predicted the U.S. men's soccer team now has a 63 percent chance of advancing in the World Cup, FiveThirtyEight Editor-in-Chief Silver pounced with a series of tweets. When the Times "updated" its prediction to a 78 percent chance, Silver jumped again: "So now you're calling things that should be corrections 'updates'?"
  7. The New Republic launches a policy vertical: Jonathan Cohn will oversee Q.E.D. "Competition in the wonk world has only gotten hotter in recent months," Michael Calderone reports. (The Huffington Post)
  8. The editors of George Will's sexual assault column were all male: “On that day, there were three males, if that is important to you,” Washington Post News Media Services CEO and Editorial Director Alan Shearer tells Erik Wemple. (The Washington Post)
  9. AP should adopt the serial comma: "the literary folks have it right, and the journalists have it wrong," Roy Peter Clark writes. (Poynter)
  10. Daily News price hike: "It's a stickup," says New York Post. || EARLIER: Higher prices are "no small risk for the tabloids" (Capital)

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