Flipboard partners with Condé Nast for its first paid advertising


Condé Nast is working with the popular iPad reader app Flipboard to sell advertisements that will appear within New Yorker magazine articles viewed in the app. This marks the first paid advertising in Flipboard, which has been running some free ads from select partners for months during its Flipboard Pages trial period. Publishers participating in Flipboard Pages allow their entire articles to be reformatted and displayed within the Flipboard app, with the goal of eventually selling full-screen ads between some of the pages. PaidContent reports that Condé Nast and Flipboard will share revenue from the ads, and that Wired, Bon Appétit and other magazines will get Flipboard advertising later this year.

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    Jeff Sonderman

    Jeff Sonderman is the deputy director of the American Press Institute, helping to lead its use of research, tools, events, and strategic insights to advance and sustain journalism.


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