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When we redesigned Poynter Online last month, we unveiled Poynter Groups -- a new way to connect with other journalists and have conversations.

About 1,500 group members are participating in our seven journalism topic groups that include Ethics & Diversty, Reporting & Writing, Online & Multimedia, Leadership & Management, Journalism Education, TV & Radio and Visual Journalism. They are posting new blogs and comments each day, and we're making it easier for you to join these conversations.

Now you can follow those conversations by getting a tweet anytime someone posts a new blog on Poynter Groups by following @Poynter on Twitter. In addition to updates from Poynter groups, when you follow @Poynter you'll get a tweet anytime we post a new article to the Poynter site, too (Al's Morning Meeting, Romenesko, etc.).

This also makes it easier for those of you who would like to keep up with conversations on Poynter Groups through an RSS feed of all Poynter Groups activity.

Here are the different ways you can follow Poynter on Twitter:

: The all inclusive Poynter Twitter account. Get a tweet anytime we post a new article to, a user posts a new blog post to Poynter Groups, and other occassional updates from Poynter people. Also, if you want to see which Poynter people have Twitter accounts, check out @Poynter's followers.

@PoynterGroups: Tweets anytime a Poynter Groups user posts a new blog entry to Poynter Groups.

@romenesko: Tweets with links to the latest Romenesko headlines.

@emediatidbits: Tweets from E-media Tidbits contributors.

  • Ellyn Angelotti

    Since joining The Poynter Institute in 2007, Ellyn Angelotti has helped Poynter explore the journalistic values and the legal challenges related to new technologies, especially social media.


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