Former tabloid reporter's documentary 'exposes the hypocrisy at the heart of modern journalism'

The Guardian | One Rogue Reporter

In 2011, Richard Peppiatt quit his job as a tabloid reporter with the U.K.'s Daily Star, admitted to making some of his stories up, and accused his former employer of inciting racism, according to a story in The Guardian by Paul Lewis. Since, Peppiatt's career turned to comedy and acting, poking at the industry he left.

Now, he's made a film about it.

"One Rogue Reporter" debuts in June at a documentary film festival in Sheffield, Roy Greenslade reported in The Guardian on Monday. "Full disclosure: I have a walk-on part," Greenslade wrote. Here's how the One Rogue Reporter's site describes the film:

Recovering tabloid hack Rich Peppiatt delivers a mercilessly satirical dissection of his former trade by turning the tables on unscrupulous newspaper bosses. Through a series of daringly mischievous stunts and interviews with heavyweights of journalism, film, comedy and politics, Peppiatt hilariously exposes the hypocrisy at the heart of modern journalism.

The film includes Hugh Grant, Steve Coogan and former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, according to the website, and Greenslade reports that The Guardian's Nick Davies and Owen Jones also make appearances.

Here's a little of the synopsis, from the film's site:

Everyone has fantasised about emailing their boss & unleashing what they really think of them.
Few actually ever reach for the keyboard.
Fewer still end up pressing ‘send’.
No one has made a film about it - until now.


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