Foursquare mayors get Starbucks discounts

Despite some growing pains and potential misgivings among some media partners, Foursquare is continuing to rack up both consumers and partnerships. On Monday, the location-based social network announced it was handling more than 600,000 check-ins per day and that it was extending its loyalty-program arrangement with Starbucks.

Foursquare rewards users who check in most frequently at specific locations by making them the "mayor" of the location within the Foursquare network. Starbucks will now be giving a one-time $1 discount for a Frappuccino to the respective Foursquare mayors of the coffee shop's various locations.

Foursquare has made a concerted effort to join forces with national brands and major media organizations in an attempt to fend off competition from Gowalla, Twitter, Facebook and others.

Jennifer Van Grove reports that this type of marketing effort may help solidify Foursquare in the location-based market in the face of that looming competition.

"It's also an important development in light of pending Facebook location features, which we've yet to see in the wild. Starbucks -- which is one of the most 'Liked' brands on Facebook -- is making a conscious choice to go with Foursquare, which should serve to legitimize Foursquare as the key player in the space for now."


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