Front pages around the country show solidarity with Orlando

The day after the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, the Orlando Sentinel offered readers a statement of unity and solidarity on its front page. Newspapers around the country did the same on Monday. Most showed images of vigils in their own cities. The New York Daily News challenged American gun laws and the NRA on the front, and the Philadelphia Daily News led with an image of the shooter.

Here's a collection, via Newseum.

CA_SFC (2)

DE_NJ (2)

FL_NP (1)

FL_TB (4)

IL_CST (6)

IL_RE (6)

NY_BN (1)


NY_DN (10)

OR_TO (3)

PA_PDN (5)

TX_EPT (2)

TX_VA (1)


VA_NV (1)


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