Gannett's Cincinnati Enquirer to become first three-around compact newspaper | News & Tech | Gannett Blog

Earlier this summer, Poynter media business analyst Rick Edmonds predicted a paper would soon shift to the three-around, compact approach, which creates substantial newsprint savings, balances ads with shrinking news content and offers color on most pages. This week, Gannett announced that the Cincinnati Enquirer and Kentucky Enquirer will be printed in the new format starting in 2012. In tests, "readers said they thought the paper was easier to manage at the kitchen table and away from home."

The papers are set to be printed by The Columbus Dispatch, which means later this year The Enquirer’s production facility will close. The Dispatch will switch to the three-around in 2013.

Gannett Blog's Jim Hopkins points out this is the latest change in the company's efforts to reposition itself amid declines, including layoffsconsolidation, digital paywalls and rebranding.

New analysis: Five reasons Gannett was the first company to try the three-around format


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