Gawker writers come out on top in study of Read It Later users

Read It Later | The New York Times

Read It Later, a service that saves Web pages so users can (as you may have surmised) read them later, studied which writers are saved the most by users and which ones they return to later to read. Nine of the top 10 writers work for Lifehacker, one of Gawker Media's sites. Writers for Gawker and Deadspin also are among the top writers that users come back to read. At The New York Times, the list of most-saved writers is top-heavy with op-ed and tech writers, but when sorted by return rate, politics comes out on top.

Columnist and economist Paul Krugman was the most-saved writer at the Times from May through October, followed by his Op-Ed columnist colleagues David Brooks and Thomas Friedman. The next most-saved came from the Times’ blogs: FiveThirtyEight data geek Nate Silver, then four Times tech writers: Nick Bilton, Steve Lohr, David Pogue and Jenna Wortham.

David Carr sizes up the results: "For now, the time-shifting of content is reserved for the cutting edge, but as tablets become more ubiquitous, it’s clear a lot more writers will end up being saved, so to speak." || Related: Megan Garber says the data show the difference between what people intend to read later and what they actually do. (Nieman Journalism Lab)

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