Geo-fencing delivers targeted mobile ads

New York Times
Text messages are the latest mobile technology to get updated with a geo-targeted advertising twist. San Francisco-based Placecast is working with outdoor equipment supplier North Face to build what they call 'geo-fences' in four of the cities that are home to the company's retail outlets. Consumers who opt-in receive targeted sales messages when they enter one of the virtual geo-fence areas, as determined by their phone's GPS. "You say, 'This is a brand I care about,' and then you go about your day and your phone tells you when something is interesting," said Placecast CEO Alistair Goodman. Mobile device based geo-targeted advertising is predicted to be a multi-billion dollar business in the next few years, with tech giants such as Apple and Google looking to move into ever more local markets.
>Mobile Location-Based Services Could Rake In $12.7 Billion By 2014 (TechCrunch)


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