Gillmor: Apple's Jobs a businessman, not a savior of journalism

Dan Gillmor says publishers who are running to the iPad for salvation are shortsighted due what he considers Apple's capricious, hypocritical and untrustworthy content policies. Pointing to this week's swimsuit controversy, he warns, "The most important issue is whether news organizations should get in bed with a company that makes unilateral and non-transparent decisions like the ones Apple has been making about content in all kinds of ways." Gillmor argues that tablets (like the iPad) may well be good for journalism, but any relationship with Apple must include safeguards. "[Publishers should] insist on iron-clad contracts with Apple that prohibit the hardware company from any kind of interference with the journalism, ever. As Dave Winer asked in a Twitter posting today, 'Thought experiment: What happens to the Engadget app when they run a leaked Apple announcement?' "

Responding to a comment I made suggesting publishers may be making an informed decision to give up control in return for potential profits Gillmor responded, "You're undoubtedly right that they probably think the tradeoff you suggest is worth it. But it's a shortsighted view."

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