Google rolls out enhanced location-based services

Mobile Beat
Google announced a new application programming interface (API) for its geographic location service this week. The API will allow independent developers to create applications that tie into Google Latitude's live location-based data on your cell phone or other mobile device.

Google explained some potential uses of this data in a blog post:

  • Traffic that send alerts if there's heavy traffic ahead of you or on a route you usually take based on your location history.
  • Your credit card accounts can alert you of potential fraud when a purchase is made far from where you actually are.
  • Photo albums so your vacation photos appear on a map at all the places you visited based on your location history.

Publishers of news and information content might utilize the data for similar purposes, including news and weather alerts, event reminders or restaurant reviews based on location and coupons and yard sale maps based on the same GPS information and your previous location history.

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