Guardian reporter: ‘A blind man in a dark room could see that the official version of events didn’t make sense’

NPR | The Guardian | The New York Times

NPR’s David Folkenflik spoke with Nick Davies about how an obsession that started two years ago led an indifferent public to finally pay attention to illegal practices by News of the World. “Its hunger for gossip and scandal made News of the World the nation's top-selling paper. And News Corp argued the New York Times and the Guardian were biased competitors,” Folkenflik reported. Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who was reportedly targeted not just by News of the World but by other Murdoch-owned newspapers, said he wanted to start an inquiry into News International but was blocked. In response to the continued pressure, News Corp. on Monday asked that a regulatory commission review its bid for the shares of satellite broadcasting company BSkyB that it does not already own. Some have speculated Murdoch may get out of the UK newspaper business entirely. Others hope he won’t. “He’s been good for newspapers over the past several decades, keeping them alive and vigorous and noisy and relevant,” says Roger Cohen. || Related: Reuters originally reported Murdoch made money on his US taxes but since then


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