Hacks/Hackers and the News Lab at Google team up

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Hacks/Hackers announced a new partnership with the News Lab at Google on Thursday called Hacks/Hackers Connect. It's "an international program designed for media entrepreneurs," according to a press release, and will begin with a series of events designed to bring journalists and developers together starting in Berlin on June 27.

Hacks/Hackers, "a global grassroots network of journalists, technologists, designers and businesspeople," started in San Francisco in 2009 and the nonprofit now has more than 60 local groups. According to the press release, board members include Rich Gordon from Northwestern University, Jenny 8. Lee from Plympton, Aron Pilhofer from The Guardian, Burt Herman from Storify and Chrys Wu from The New York Times.

From the release:

"This partnership grew out of a series of ongoing conversations we have been having with Hacks/Hackers," said Steve Grove, Director of the News Lab at Google, "We asked ourselves how we might work together to better support the media startup ecosystem and empower more successful media entrepreneurs. We can't wait to get started."

Upcoming events will also be announced in San Francisco, London and New York.


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