Happy birthday, Twitter! We weren't sure what to do with you at first.

“I spend too much time online. What’s another addiction?”

That was my first tweet, posted on March 6, 2008. Little did I know how addictive Twitter would eventually become.

The social media network celebrates 10 years of existence today. It’s hard to overstate Twitter’s role in journalism over the past decade, from being the go-to platform for breaking news, to allowing audiences to unite and influence what stories are covered by the press.

Among social networks, Twitter is arguably the platform of choice for journalists. A 2015 study found that journalists account for nearly a quarter of the service’s users. Journalists and news organizations are also the most active group on Twitter — if we’ve produced content, you can bet we’ll tweet it.

In honor of Twitter’s birthday, here’s a selection of first tweets from some notable journalists and active tweeters.

Some people, like media futurist Jeff Jarvis, were annoyingly ahead of the game.

Others, such as commentator Donna Brazile, adopted the "_____ is doing this" approach. Remember when that was the norm on Facebook?

Given the personas that some journalists have built on Twitter, it's odd to look back and see such personal, mundane glimpses into their lives.

Several reporters, like The Washington Post's Wesley Lowery, have become less stuffy and more conversational over time.

And some people are just weirdly consistent.

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    Katie Hawkins-Gaar

    Katie Hawkins-Gaar is the organizer of Poynter’s Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media. She was previously Poynter’s digital innovation faculty member, and taught journalists how to make the most of social media, understand audience engagement, rethink workflows and foster creativity.


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