Helen Thomas: ‘I do miss the White House’


The former dean of the White House press corps, Helen Thomas, 90, says she is doing fine one year after being forced to resign for comments she contends were not anti-Semitic.

The contentious video of Thomas was recorded and published by RabbiLive.com’s David Nesenoff, who is now the publisher of a Jewish weekly in New York.

“I kind of switched places with her,” said Nesenoff. “I got a front-row seat, and I got to witness how the media reacts to international stories — mine being one of them — and to get to really become a journalist out there in the world.”

Writing since January for the weekly Falls Church (Va.) News-Press, Thomas has applied for White House press credentials but expects they will be denied. She says, “I do miss the White House, I must say. … But I’m getting along.”

Her current editor, who has known Thomas for at least 20 years, tells Politico, “She’s been terrific working for me … She’s got a great sense of humor and is right on time with her column each week.”

In a statement announcing her position with his paper, owner and editor Nicholas Benton wrote that Thomas' comments were "intemperate and inappropriate." However, "She more than deserves, and I am honored to help provide her, the proverbial 'second chance.' "


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