Here are some easy journalism-themed costume ideas

If you've been too busy covering the 2016 presidential election (or the rest of this crazy year) to think about what to dress up for on Monday, don't worry: We have some easy ideas. With 10 days left until the election, we've thought up some lighthearted ways to create a costume out of the events of a sometimes dangerous and stress-filled year.


Fact-checkers have had quite a year, as my colleague Alexios Mantzarlis has carefully documented. From discussions about the "post-fact era" to Facebook's fake stories problem, facts and fact-checkers get roughed up a lot lately.

For this costume you'll need:
- Facts
- Patience

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Anger readers if you do, anger readers if you don't, anger readers if you endorse Gary Johnson...

For this costume you'll need:
- Newspapers
- Thick skin


Debate moderator

This one relies on you finding a Halloween Hillary and a Halloween Donald you can interrupt and fact-check. Be prepared for everyone to hate you by the end of the night.

For this costume you'll need:
- A stopwatch
- A parenting book

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What's going on with the company formerly known as Tribune Publishing? What's going to happen to it? You can really use your imagination with this one.

For this costume you'll need:
- Content
- A funnel

[caption id="attachment_436698" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Photo by Photo by[/caption]

The Washington Post's David Fahrenthold

The reporter who has shown the world his notebook and captured scoop after scoop might not be a superhero, but we'll allow it for Halloween.

For this costume you'll need:
- A notebook
- A cape


What journalism-themed costume ideas do you have? Email or tweet them to me and I'll add them below.


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