Hidden bathroom cam discovered at Cleveland TV station


A video camera was found in a men's bathroom at Cleveland, Ohio's WEWS, Brandon Blackwell reported for Cleveland.com on Thursday. A memo sent July 14 informed employees at the station of the hidden camera.

"It has come to my attention an unauthorized camera was placed in the first floor men's bathroom in response to complaints the bathroom was repeatedly being defaced," (General Manager Sam) Rosenwasser said in the memo. "First, let me assure you as soon as I found out about this, the camera was removed. Second, I want to let you know any recording made through the camera has been destroyed. Third, we are taking appropriate disciplinary action against those involved.

"Finally and most importantly, I want to apologize."

Blackwell reported that, according to a later statement, the camera was an "ill-conceived and inappropriate response to catching a vandal."

Poynter has stories in the archives about hidden cameras and ethics, but that's for reporting, not bathroom spying.


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