Hospital PR people write articles in Tennessean's health section

Nashville Scene

Carole Bartoo and Dagny Stuart wrote pieces in The Nashville Tennessean's new health section, reports Steve Cavendish, but the former journalists didn't get a byline -- their employer, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, did instead.

We're not sure who's getting the worse end of this deal. Is it the journalists that Gannett and the Tennessean apparently don't want to pay to fill this newly added space? Or is it readers who expect that they're buying content from a news organization and not the information arm of a local hospital? ... Or do the St. Thomas and Baptist staffs get next week's page?

In fact, I found an article in the health section bylined St. Thomas Health.

Last month, in the runup to introducing the paper's paywall, Tennessean publisher Carol Hudler and Executive Editor Maria De Varenne wrote that the Families section would include "medical advice from local health-care providers."

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