Hot takes and 'cold water' on Tribune/News Corp. rumor, ABC News' Israel blunder

mediawiremorningGood morning. Here are 10 media stories.

  1. So, does News Corp want to buy Tribune or what? Rick Edmonds on why the rumor makes sense. (Poynter) | "Proverbial 'pour cold water' move on Murdoch-eyeing-Tribune-papers story, from a source: 'I've got a bottle of quite cold water on my desk'" (@brianstelter) | "Rupert def wants LAT & has absolutely game-planned what that could mean - incl buying other Trib papers" (@davidfolkenflik) | Tribune Publishing could carry even more debt than planned. (Chicago Tribune) | Tribune Co. wants to rename itself Tribune Media. (Crain's Chicago Business) | JUST A THOUGHT: If your newspaper company was going to go public, would it hurt you to float a rumor that a deep-pocketed buyer, with a history of overpaying for assets he wanted, was afoot?
  2. Aereo, not done yet? It wants to get "the same statutory license that cable companies pay in providing broadcast transmissions to their subscribers." (Variety) | Aereo's letter to Judge Alison Nathan of the Southern District of New York. (Aereo) | Related: How other streaming-TV startups are proceeding after the ruling. (Mashable)
  3. ABC World News made a mistake: Diane Sawyer ID'd destruction in Gaza caused by Israelis as destruction in Israel caused by Palestinians. (The Electronic Intifada) | "We regret the error & will correct it" -ABC" (@brianstelter)
  4. What the Guardian's annual loss means: With its "enormous trust fund, fast-growing digital revenue, stabilized print paper, and its world-shaking journalism, The Guardian is in very, very good shape." (CJR) | "I don’t see many newspaper companies increasing revenues by 7 percent and with digital revenues of £70m,” Guardian Media Group CEO Andrew Miller says. (The Independent) | Michael Wolff wrote about his vision of the Guardian's future in June (GQ) | GMG exec David Pemsel: "There is literally nothing in that Michael Wolff story that concerns me at all – not one single-word." (Campaign) | "Would seem I hit bullseye." (@MichaelWolffNYC)
  5. Marketing companies look to hire journalists: As SEO gets more sophisticated, there's "a shortfall in the skillsets required to tell a good story and create compelling content that appeals to large audiences,” Jan Goodey tells Nick Chowdrey. (Online Journalism Blog)
  6. More on The Daily Caller/Cuba thing: If [Sen. Menendez] can show that we are somehow agents of the Cuban government, then damn it, I’ll apologize,” EIC Tucker Carlson says. (CJR) | This discussion is actually "welcome terrain" for the Caller, Erik Wemple writes. "Less attention, accordingly, falls on what we’ve known for months and months, which is that the the prostitution story itself, whoever propagated it, has fallen apart." (The Washington Post)
  7. "Reddit is practicing censorship, pure and simple": A questioner asked Glenn Greenwald and Murtaza Hussain about moderators on /r/worldnews classifying pieces from The Intercept as opinion. "Only on Reddit are our stories deemed something other than "news," Greenwald said. (Reddit)
  8. Film critic buys a ticket, is appalled: "For the first time, I could understand why so many people prefer to forgo the cinema and watch illegal downloads on their laptops at home." (The Economist)
  9. "Repeats are the absolute soul-crushing killers of the comics page.": 60 quotes from Michael Cavna's "Comic Riffs" blog, which turns 6 this month. (The Washington Post)
  10. Job moves, edited by Benjamin Mullin: Katie Rosman has moved to the Styles section at the New York Times. She was previously a tech reporter for the Wall Street Journal. ( | Bob Moser will be a senior editor for the National Journal. Previously, he was executive editor of the American Prospect. He will be joined by Ben Pershing, who will be NJ's Washington editor. He was formerly a staff writer at The Washington Post and a senior editor at Roll Call. The National Journal also hired Daniel Newhauser as a congressional reporter. He was formerly a congressional reporter for Roll Call. (Email to Poynter from National Journal, Politico) | The Boston Globe announced several hires for its new Catholicism vertical. Ines San Martin, formerly a community manager for Contra con Nosotros, will report from Rome. The Globe has also added Michael O’Loughlin, who will be the site’s national reporter. He has written for America, National Catholic Reporter and Foreign Policy. (Email to Poynter from The Boston Globe) | Rebecca Ruiz will be a features writer at Mashable. She was formerly a contributor at (Mediabistro) | Lucy Westcott will be an international reporter for Newsweek. She will be joined by Paula Mejia, who will be a web reporter. (Muck Rack) | Sandra Clark and Gabriel Escobar will be managing editors for The Philadelphia Inquirer. Clark was formerly a deputy managing editor in charge of features and’s strategy. Escobar was formerly a deputy managing editor for news. (Poynter). Send Ben your job moves:

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